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4 Reasons To Hire A Certified Arborist

Millions of Americans are garden and lawn care hobbyists—and many are very skilled at the ins and outs of working in their outdoor spaces. While we get it—we’re avid gardeners and outdoor aficionados, too—there are times it’s critical to tap a certified arborist to handle your tree removal or maintenance project. Why?

#1. They’re TREE PROS

Very simply, certified arborists know what’s what when it comes to trees. To become certified, arborists must undergo years of training, education and hands-on tree care work and support, eventually earning their credentials through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

By hiring a certified arborists to handle your tree maintenance and removal, you’ll gain the peace of mind work is in the right hands. Equally importantly, these experts have the skills and insights to troubleshoot—sometimes there are intricate methods for saving or preserving a tree, which only a trained pro would be able to leverage.

#2. They’re INSURED

Not only are certified arborists highly trained and skilled but they’re also insured and licensed. While, in most cases, this won’t matter, in the rare event problems occur you’ll be protected from liability, with the recourse to repair damage and course-correct before wrapping up the project. Should it ever come down to it, you definitely don’t want a fly-by-night amateur cutting down trees then leaving the project half-done—or worse.

#3. They know the RULES

Tree removal isn’t just about cutting down trees and moving on. Certified arborists understand the ins and outs of each project, and how their work impacts the surrounding environment. A good example? Quality arborists will be mindful of power lines and local rules and regulations, curbing liability while ensuring projects are handled safely and securely.

#4. You ALWAYS get what you pay for…

Like anything, when it comes to tree maintenance and removal, you almost always get what you pay for. With a certified arborist handling the job, your work will be complete as expected, with no debris, damages or problems left behind. Good arborists will handle everything from maintenance to tree removal to stump grinding, leaving your outdoor space looking even better than before. And, because they’re trained to spot problems before they bubble to the surface, ISA-certified arborists will constantly be on the lookout for future issues, helping curb added problems and added costs.

At Mister Tree our trained staff of certified arborists will be on-site and on-hand to handle your tree maintenance and removal. The end result? A seamless, streamlined experience from day one, anchored in cutting-edge techniques, in-depth knowledge and the added security that comes from working with a true professional. Get in touch to learn more and schedule your free consultation with a certified arborists now.

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