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Tree Health Care

Tree Care and Shrub Care in Memphis, TN

Improving your landscaping can be expensive but is often unnecessary. It’s better to maintain and improve the value of your property by investing in your plant health. At Mister Tree, we offer a wide range of tree health care services to help you to do this, including practical solutions for any type of landscape you have.

Poor tree health can occur as a result of infestation, disease, or simply poor routine maintenance. You can avoid most of this by investing in our tree health care programs.

These programs start with a full analysis of your tree and shrub environment. We’ll talk to you about each of your trees and shrubs, provide a customized care plan for them, and create a maintenance plan that offers them the best possible chance at success.

Our PHC Programs Include The Following Types Of Tree Services:

Site Assessment And Monitoring Visits

We’ll come to your location at the start of our services for you. This includes an assessment of the location’s trees and shrubs. We will then monitor them over time through the maintenance program. We do this in person to ensure the best results.


Customized fertilization programs are designed for all of your trees and shrubs. This is done to help encourage healthy growth and to minimize the risk of disease development.

Disease Control

Trees with existing disease or damage need specialized care. A variety of solutions may be available to help remove the disease or prevent it from spreading. Our goal is to help protect your property as a whole, which means creating a care plan for any type of disease present and following through on it.

Pest Control

With a variety of pest control solutions available, we’ll work with you to ensure all pests present are understood and, when necessary, create a treatment plan for getting rid of any that are not beneficial to your landscape. This ensures infestations are controlled properly.


It’s important to know how to prune a tree, including when and where to make the cuts. Our pruning service is designed to encourage the healthy growth of the tree, but also to keep it within the goals of your landscape plan. We can guide and shape its growth to ensure proper health and aesthetics.

Plant Replacement

There are times when the removal of one or more trees and plants is necessary – especially when they put other trees at risk or are likely to fall causing damage to family and home. Our team can remove and then replace them to ensure the best possible outcome for your landscaping as a whole.

Throughout the process, our team at Mister Tree is here to help you. This includes answering questions and providing support for any changes that may occur over time. Whether you want a brand new look or you just want to improve the health of your trees and shrubs, we can offer comprehensive care to ensure that it is possible.

Contact us to learn more about the solutions we can offer to you.