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Tree Removal Memphis

Trees are a beautiful and attractive part of our Tennessee landscape and a major attraction for many homeowners. Yes, they drop leaves and require a degree of annual cleanup, but they also offer shade, improve curb appeal and provide a habitat for wildlife. All trees, however, reach the end of their lifespan, whether from old age, disease, storm damage or to make way for a home addition or some other type of project.  Thats when you need a professional tree removal company like Mister Tree Service.

The larger a tree is, the more difficult – and more hazardous – it is to remove. Falling trees are tricky business, and can easily go awry, potentially damaging those helping you or your home or business. Tree removal is best handled by certified arborists, such as those on our team here at Mister Tree. We have the skills, experience and equipment to quickly and safely remove any type of tree on your lot, no matter how big or small.

If you’d like to save the tree but are concerned it’s going to fall and harm your property, or are worried about signs of disease, our certified arborists are the exact specialists you’re looking for. Our team is trained to inspect trees and can help you determine whether a tree can be saved or if it’s time to remove it. And don’t worry, if removal is necessary, we offer comprehensive debris removal, stump grinding and removal and sodding to restore your yard’s pristine appearance.

Tree Removal Memphis
Tree Removal Memphis

The Most Common Reasons to Remove a Tree


Dead, diseased and damaged trees threaten the safety of your property and family. Any tree that is structurally impaired due to storm damage, disease or another problem, runs the risk of falling. When you remove a tree by choice, you have control over the process and can ensure it’s removed safely. The process will likely be completed in sections to avoid to damage to your home, landscaping features and other nearby trees.


Flowering trees and pollen-laden varieties, such as live oak, are attractive to look at, but many homeowners tire of cleaning up after them. If you have a pollen allergy, are tired of petals covering your car or patio furniture, or simply don’t have time to spend hours outside every fall and spring taking care of your trees and yard, then removing them is a great option. Mister Tree makes tree removal service in Memphis and the surrounding areas hassle-free. Get started today by scheduling a free consultation.

Personal Preference

Not all trees are created equal. Maybe you used to love it and are tired of cleaning up after it, or maybe you never liked it at all. Maybe you’d rather use that space for a beautiful garden or a new pool – the choice is up to you. If you’re tired of a tree for any reason, it’s time to have it removed -- but we recommend not going it alone. All too often we see half-completed tree removal projects, or homeowners start the process without thinking about removing the stump after, and it languishes in the yard for years after.

Encroaching Trees

A tree’s canopy brings shade and other benefits to your home, but if you have too many, they can prevent the ones you want from growing properly. Your existing trees can’t grow tall, straight and healthy if they’re competing with saplings and less desirable trees for sunlight, water and nutrients. If you want to encourage the growth of specific trees, removing the unwanted ones is the best decision you can make.

Structural Preservation

Tall trees aren’t the only thing that threatens your home – what about their root system? A 2009 Virginia Tech study estimates that the ratio of root radius to truck diameter for young trees is about 38 to 1. That means that an 8” tree, for example, could have a root system spanning a 25-foot diameter. As trees get taller and older, their root systems become thicker and, in a never-ending search for moisture, more likely to clog your pipes and disturb the foundation of your home.

The bottom line? If you’ve got a tree on your property and it’s a safety risk -- or you simply don’t like it anymore -- remove it. Our team of certified arborists is standing by, waiting to inspect the health of the tree in question and advise you in the best course of action. Contact us today.

Tree Removal Cost Factors

There are many reasons homeowners decide to remove a tree from their property. Trees may be damaged or unhealthy, pose risks to buildings, or simply not fit the landscaping plan.

Some trees need to be removed for safety reasons. For example, if a tree was uprooted in a bad storm, or if it stops blooming and doesn’t grow new leaves in the spring, you should have it removed. For your safety, you should also remove trees that grow to overhang your house or that make it hard to navigate your property.

In other situations, you may want to remove trees for aesthetic or environmental reasons. Remove invasive trees to bring balance to your property’s ecosystem. You might remove a scrawny or dying tree to make way for a healthier specimen.

Whatever your motivations, Mister Tree is here to help with a range of tree removal services. Just like every tree is different, every tree removal is different. While Mister Tree can handle any project, there are some common elements that may impact your removal service costs.

Tree Size

Trees come in all shapes and sizes. From a young sapling sprouting up in the middle of your garden, to a beautiful shade tree that was cracked and broken due to wind, trees can need to be removed at any stage in their life cycle.

Your tree’s size will impact the cost of its removal service. Trees tend to keep growing for decades or even centuries, so an older tree is a bigger job. Mister Tree takes the full size of your tree into account when pricing your removal service. From the base of the trunk to the highest leaves, everything is included in your Mister Tree removal.

Your Tree’s Location

Where is the tree situated on your property? Believe it or not, your tree’s location can affect your removal service. Trees located in risky or less accessible positions may change your service costs.

A single tree in the middle of your yard, far from any buildings or other trees, is the easiest and least expensive to remove. Any obstacles near your tree can impact your removal service. Trees that stand right beside your home, hang above a fence, or stand in a group of other trees are more complex to remove. Mister Tree is always careful to protect the rest of your property while removing these hard-to-access trees.

The Health of Your Tree

Unhealthy trees can be dangerous. Storm damage, insect infestations, rot, and dying limbs can ruin a tree’s structural integrity. Weak and diseased trees are unpredictable and can pose a risk to your family and your property, so it’s vitally important to remove them.

Just like an unhealthy tree’s weak limbs are dangerous on your property, these trees are also hazardous to remove. The risks involved may impact your removal costs. Luckily, Mister Tree’s experts are equipped and prepared to safely handle your unhealthy tree.

I’ve had two trees removed with Mr. Tree ... service is outstanding.... professionalism at its finest!
Reva G., Memphis
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Tree Removal Memphis

Ready To Remove A Tree?

Your trees have unique removal needs, so contact Mister Tree to learn more! Whatever the size, location, and health of your tree, we’re happy to discuss the services that will be best for you.