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Stump Grinding And Removal

Serving Memphis, TN and the surrounding area.

Memphis Stump Grinding Services

Stump grinding is the final touch in our tree removal services at Mister Tree. Why have a tree removed just to leave the ugly stump behind? Our team will grind the stump to your desired depth, taking into consideration the future plans for your site. Oftentimes, once the stump is ground and the excess chips are cleaned, our team can lay sod to ensure the area matches its surroundings.

"How Much Is Tree Stump Grinding?"

Got a stubborn tree stump on your property? Often DIYers remove the “core” tree but don’t have the resources or tools to effectively dig up and grind the stump. The end result? An eye sore that, given its size and location, can be dangerous to your family or, even, passers-by.

Our expert team at Mister Tree can quickly and easily remove trees and stumps. Costs depend on your specific needs and the specs of the stump or stumps—these three factors are central to estimating stump removal fees.

Ready to get tree stumps removed? Get in touch to learn more and schedule your free assessment with the Mister Tree pros.

#1: Stump Diameter

The size and diameter of the stump is key to assessing costs—during our free consultation we’ll measure stumps and provide you with an onsite estimate. In many cases we can estimate costs based on a per-diameter basis—i.e. the diameter of the stump times a flat rate for grinding or removal.

#2: Number Of Stumps

Got more than one stump? Depending on your specific needs we’re often able to provide “bundled” rates to homeowners and business owners. This lessens the costs per stump removal provided all are removed at the same time.
This is very common, especially on larger properties. It’s not uncommon for a group of trees to die or grow in a less-than-ideal way—into power lines, for example, or hanging over your home, cars or neighbor’s property. If that’s the case, you could be left with multiple stumps, all of which need to be removed.

#3: Land Clearing

Need LOTS of land cleared—stumps included? Tree removers typically charge a land clearing fee. This will be a set package price—clearing the land and removing the stumps on the property. At Mister Tree, we charge an hourly rate for land clearing and, depending on the stumps, may charge a rate based on the number of stumps and the diameter of those stumps.
During our initial assessment we’ll review your land clearing needs and provide a comprehensive proposal that breaks out costs and next steps.