6 Ways To Maintain The Health Of Your Tree

6 Ways To Maintain The Health Of Your Tree

Tree trimming and tree pruning are the most effective means of maintaining tree health. This process increases sunlight into your yard, helps with wind resistance, and increases the aesthetics of your trees. Mister Tree is recognized for consistent quality, commitment to environmental awareness, and outstanding professionalism.
  • Clean: Removal of water sprouts and dead, dying, diseased, crossing-over, and hazardous branches from a tree
  • Raise: Selective pruning to provide vertical clearance from ground level
  • Reduce: Selective pruning to decrease height and/or spread by removing specified branches
  • Restore: Selective pruning to improve the structure, form, and appearance of trees that have been severely headed, vandalized, or damaged
  • Thin: Selective pruning to reduce density of live branches, usually by removing entire branches
  • Vista pruning: Selective pruning to allow a specific view, usually by creating view “windows” through the tree’s crown

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I’ve had two trees removed with Mr. Tree ... service is outstanding.... professionalism at its finest!
Reva G., Memphis
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