Advantages of Sod

Homeowners are finding that putting down sod is the most efficient way to improve their lawns. If you think your lawn could use some work, consider these three great benefits of planting sod in your yard.
Fast Way to Put Down Grass
Planting sod means you have grass for your lawn right on the spot. You don’t have to wait for grass to poke its way through the soil. Also, sod can be walked on soon after you’ve planted it. And since the grass is already grown, it doesn’t include any weeds.
Increase Home Value
Homebuyers love a house that’s great to look at, and it’s hard to beat a good landscape for aesthetic value. In fact, great landscaping can boost your home’s value anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. Using sod to put down soft grass can make your property more attractive, especially for kids and pets.
Less Maintenance
Using seed to grow grass requires more maintenance than if you used sod. For example, you have to water seeds more often than sod. You also have to wait months to use the lawn where the grass is growing. In addition, excessive seeding and watering may become issues.
With the advantages sod provides to homeowners, it’s well worth it to learn more about what sod can do for your yard and how to get sod for your property. Contact Mister Tree at 901-300-3938 for more information.