5 Reasons to Get Your Trees Trimmed Before Winter Rolls In...

Trees Trimmed Before Winter

Proper pruning and maintenance is an important part of any tree’s life cycle -- and the right time to complete this task is one of the most common inquiries we get from our local customers.

While some trees require pruning at a specific time of the year, there’s one rule of thumb we
always recommend observing: prune your trees as winter approaches. Why?

Reason #1:

It’s easy to locate damaged or diseased limbs

Without the foliage, our certified arborists can pinpoint and remove diseased, damaged or dying limbs with ease. You are also able to see the tree’s natural architecture, which helps for aesthetic pruning. This greatly reduces the risk of falling limbs that could damage your home,plus reduces the likelihood of visits later in the year.

Reason #2:

Winter pruning support healthy growth

Trimming during dormancy is in the best interest of your trees. It facilitates healthy growth come spring and reduces stress on the tree, preserving its appearance and structural integrity during Memphis’ colder months.

Need to trim some trees?

Trust the expert team at Mister Tree Service to help with all of your tree trimming needs.

Reason #3:

Defend against disease

Pruning is important for tree growth, but can also make them more susceptible to disease -- especially during the spring and summer when insects are present. With winter pruning, you get the best of both worlds. Happy and healthy trees.

Reason #4:

Cut down on your yard maintenance costs

Foliage complicates the pruning process and increases the cost for you as it requires additional preparation and cleanup time. Keep costs low by pruning trees in the winter.

Reason #5:

Minimize damage from snow and ice

Everyone knows branches weighed down by snow and ice are prone to breakage, creating a
hassle for homeowners and potentially damaging their home. This is especially true for diseased, damaged or dying branches. If you have any suspect branches looming over your home, save yourself an insurance claim and call Mister Tree today .

Winter pruning is a smart, affordable and effective way to maintain the health of your trees and keep them looking beautiful year-round. Winter is just around the corner, so get in touch to schedule your annual pruning service today.

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