4 Reasons to Plant Trees in the Fall

4 Reasons to Plant Trees in the Fall

Everyone focuses on spring—but there are some serious benefits to planting in cooler weather.

Think you have to wait for warmer weather to start planting?  Think you can't plant trees In the Fall? Think again. Fall is a prime time to get planting, especially when it comes to trees and containerized seedlings. From less maintenance to better root growth to more optimal growth time come spring, these next few weeks are ideal for getting your hands dirty.

Reason #1:

You’ll have better root growth—and a better chance at a healthy tree

By planting in the fall, your seedlings will have more time to set down roots and, from there, grow before the hot weather hit. Healthier, robust roots means a better chance your trees will take hold and grow, especially in that all-important first year.

Reason #2:

You won’t have to spend as much time on maintenance

Plant now and you’ll save tons of watering time come summer. Because fall-planted trees have the winter and spring for roots to grow and solidify, by the time summer rolls around they don’t need as much—if any—added watering. Without the supplemental watering you’ll save time and money, while still maintaining strong, healthy trees.

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Reason #3:

You’ll free yourself up for “prime time”

The majority of your planting and tree projects likely happen in the spring. By getting trees out of the way in fall, you’ll have more time and resources to focus on warm weather planting, fertilizing and other critical maintenance.

Reason #4:

Dormancy is a safter time to plant

Trees begin to go dormant during the fall and winter. The growing processes have slowed down, and the trees are using less energy to produce leaves and new growth. Therefore, there is less chance for trees to die if planted during the dormant season. This is of course if they were planted correctly to start with.

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