Tree Stump Removal Reasons

Tree Stump Removal Reasons

6 Reasons to Have That Stump Removed NOW

Whether you removed the tree or the stump has been there since day one, chances are you’re used to seeing it—and that can be problematic. The more comfortable you get with a tree stump, the more likely you are to overlook the true problems associated—problems you often can’t see and won’t spot for months or even years to come.

So why get that stump taken care of once and for all?

Reason #1:

Because a tree stump is the opposite of curb appeal

Who wants to see a dead tree stump sitting in front of an otherwise beautiful property? No one—exactly.

While you may not notice it anymore, a tree stump is a total eyesore and, likely, one of the first things people notice when they pull up to your property. If you’re planning to sell, removing a tree stump is a no-brainer. Even if you aren’t, though, getting rid of it now will increase your curb appeal and the overall look and feel of your property.

Reason #2:

Because a stump is a problem…

Beyond just the aesthetics, tree stumps can be hazardous to you, your family and other people paying a visit. Kids can easily run into or trip over stumps, even if they seen very visible—and avoidable—to you.

Worse still, should someone trip, fall or otherwise injure themselves on a stump on your property, you’re liable. That can be a very expensive, very time-consuming headache to deal with—much costlier than having that stump removed in the first place.

Need a tree stump removed?

Trust the expert team at Mister Tree Service to help with all of your tree stump removal needs.

Reason #3:

Because it’s not just a trip-and-fall issue

Besides just people tripping over them, stumps can be a problem for landscaping and basic maintenance. It’s common for lawnmowers to hit stumps, which can cause damage to your machine or, even, to you. Beyond that, depending on the placement of stumps, they can be hard to maneuver around when weeding, mowing or landscaping—not ideal.

Reason #4:

Because your yard could be working harder

Those spots you’re navigating around? Those could be great spots for your kids to play, your friends to hang and your garden to grow. Why waste them on stumps?

Reason #5:

Because they attract bugs and pests

Hang onto those stumps and you could be inviting another level of aggravation—pests and insects who want to call dead tree stumps “home.” Stumps take a very long time to fully decay and, until then, they’re breeding grounds for termites, beetles, ants and other wood-centric pests.

Over time, those infestations will likely move closer and closer to your home—and, when that happens, you’re likely staring down a full-on home invasion. Don’t wait until you need an exterminator. Get your stump removed and avoid infestations entirely.

Reason #6:

Because you could have new tree growth

Even if you can’t see it, many stumps lead to new, tiny tree sprouts just below the surface. When those start to emerge, they can lead to lots of small trees growing in and around the stump—not ideal.

Not only are these trees tough to remove permanently—often you need chemicals to kill them and future shoots—but, while they’re growing, they pull nutrients from nearby plants, trees and shrubs. Not only does that hinder growth in the plants you want, but it impacts the entire look and feel of your outdoor space.

The simple solution? Get in touch. Mister Tree can quickly and safely remove tree stumps from your property, and restore the surrounding area so the removal is undetectable. We offer 24-hour service with financing on select projects. Contact us at 901-300-3938 for more information and to schedule your assessment.

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