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Trees To Add (Or Remove) To Increase Your Property Value

It’s spring in the Mid-South, which means many homeowners are looking to freshen up their property to both increase property value and curb appeal with seasonal landscaping projects, including tree planting. Trees add instant aesthetic appeal, certainly, but choosing the right tree for your yard can also be a long-term source of financial benefit and beauty.

Increase Property Value With Trees

Working with an arborist to select and plant a tree that will thrive in our climate and fit your lot long-term is highly recommended. Not only will they be familiar with the growing habits of various tree species, but also they will also know what to recommend based on the condition of your soil – like whether you may need additives or a specific fertilization treatment to assist your tree in optimal growth and health.

One of the primary considerations when selecting a tree is to choose one that won’t overgrow the lot. You don’t want a tree looming over your roof, and you also don’t want a tree with crowded roots eating into the sidewalk or driveway. In worst-case scenarios, trees can work their way too close to your foundation and cause cracking, which can have major implications for your wallet down the road between foundation repair and tree removal.

A professional arborist can also guide you toward trees that are less likely to be impacted by disease and pests, both of which require specialized tree health care plans to eliminate. Trees dealing with these issues can become malnourished and weak, leading to potential property damage when limbs break and fall during the severe storms our area can experience.

Remember that whatever tree you choose will require maintenance, including training, cabling and bracing or pruning. You’ll want to be sure to leave enough space around the tree for an arborist to get near enough to work with it.

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What Kind Of Tree Is Valuable?

While there is not a specific tree that will singularly increase your property value, in general, larger and older trees are more appreciated. If you want a lot of value out of your tree, you will need to properly nurture and maintain it so it will live to a ripe old age.

Consider spacing, soil condition, seasonal changes, watering needs, and growing zones when choosing a tree. You may want to take a look at what trees catch your eye in your area, whether it be those in your neighborhood or at a local public park. And of course, an arborist can make suggestions you may have never even thought about.

If you have a big enough lot, here are some classics to consider for the growing zone here in the Memphis area:


A handsome staple for nearly any landscape in our region, there are more than 20 distinct species of oak native to our area, including white oak, red oak, water oak and willow oak. They each thrive in our climate and grow into beautiful large trees, many of which provide acorns and foliage that feed an array of wildlife


Few trees hold as much symbolism and nostalgia as the traditional Southern Magnolia, which is an evergreen that produces large creamy white flowers in the late spring. With the seeded fruit that many produce in the late summer, birds and other wildlife are drawn to these elegant trees. The Saucer Magnolia (sometimes called a Japanese Magnolia) is a small, low-branched tree that does well in full sun and blooms in the early spring with colors ranging from pale pink to a deep magenta.

Japanese Maples

This gorgeous, easy-to-maintain ornamental tree is perfect for small yards and provides a wonderful focal point in borders and foundation landscape. Valued for their variety in size, bark color, foliage color and shape, there are a number of upright species that work well in our growth zone, including Bloodgood, Bihou, and Japanese Sunrise. Weeping varieties can add another interesting aspect with Red Dragon and Ryusen being among our favorites.

Ginkgo Bilobas

As the oldest tree on earth, ginkgoes are impressive in both their story of timeless resilience and their fall foliage displays. The gingko, which dates back to the dinosaur age, are said to be able to live up to 2,500 years or more. Its distinctive, fan-shaped leaves are a bright yellow in autumn and all fall within a very short time span. Because they are large and deep-rooted, they hold up well to wind and snow damage, and their wood is insect resistant.
Keep in mind that a beautiful tree doesn’t have to be fancy or exotic. If you have a more traditional tree in mind, keep it in pristine condition. Healthy, vigorous trees are a much bigger draw than those that might be struggling.

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What Kind Of Tree Should Be Cut To Increase Property Value?

Regardless of the care you may provide, some trees simply won’t make it. If your tree is nearly dead or diseased, it’s best to have it cut down. Not only will you want to remove the unsightly tree for aesthetic reasons, but you will want to reduce the potential risk of it falling on your roof or vehicle and causing serious damage.

Likewise, a tree impacted by pests and diseases that have gone unchecked for too long can allow the condition to spread to other nearby trees, which may require that trees be removed if it is beyond treatment.

It’s generally recommended that you have trees removed if they are on or near an easement, or if they are closer than 15 feet from your house, as these may cause problems with the foundation. If you have limbs that overgrow your roof regularly, they can leave excess leaf matter on your roof and possibly cause damage over time.

Professional tree experts like those on our team can help you decide what limbs or trees may be too close and require removal.

There’s no doubt that trees on your property enhance its value and appeal. So, whether you’re looking to plant new trees, improve the health of existing trees or consider tree pruning and removal, reach out to us. We are always happy to provide a consultation and free estimate.

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