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Mister Tree takes customer service seriously. Providing each one of our clients with superior service and outstanding workmanship is a component of every project we do for you. Whether your project is small with tree pruning or larger, including removing trees, we stand by the service we provide. That’s one of the key reasons we’re “Google Guaranteed.”

What Does The Google Guarantee Mean For Our Customers?

Google works to ensure the best companies are always readily available for customers to find when they are searching for them online. When you find Mister Tree through Google, you’ll notice the green checkmark badge next to our name. That’s the indication we’re a Google Guaranteed business.

If you choose a business that has this Google Guarantee, you can expect superior workmanship. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work we do for you, Google may refund you the amount that you’ve paid for the service. There are limits to how much you can claim and when this applies.

Why Would Google Do This For Mister Tree?

Google puts companies like Mister Tree through a vigorous process to fully ensure that the company is providing a high quality of service and delivering on its expectations. Let’s be clear – this isn’t an easy process and reaching this goal takes a lot of work. We strive to provide our customers with this level of service, which is why we stand behind this type of ranking.

To become a Google Guaranteed company, Mister Tree, along with all other companies achieving this goal, has undergone a comprehensive background check. This includes a very thorough screening process. Finally, there are many questions and steps that we have to take to ensure that we are able to meet the screening goals.

Reviews Matter

One of the components of this screening process is a comprehensive look at the reviews we have online of our purchase. Google wants to see what other clients have said about the work we do and their experiences with us. Those ratings can help Google to determine if we are a safe company to work with in terms of providing such a guarantee.

Keep in mind that the Google Guarantee is not available to all companies or even all industries. If you see this badge, you know that the company has a strong ability to meet Google’s goals in providing superior service.

Why You Can Depend On Mister Tree

Mister Tree provides superior service. When you work with our team, you can expect all of these goals to be met:

  • We provide safe tree services. We do everything we can to keep our employees, your family, and your property safe during any project we complete for you.
  • Our team provides superior service and often work to exceed the goals of our clients. We want to help you have the best possible experience.
  • We offer fair pricing. Whether a one-time service or ongoing maintenance, you can expect us to always provide you with very fair prices for any project we complete for you.
  • Mister Tree also works to build trust and respect for every client we work with because we want you to trust us for years to come.
  • We are responsible for the environment. We care about the planet, your trees, and your landscaping.
  • We’re ISA-Certified arborists. Because we take the time to learn and maintain our experience in tree care, we can benefit our clients with outstanding results.

Mister Tree has over 30 years of service supporting the community. We are fast, efficient, and deliver reliable workmanship.