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How Often Should I Trim My Trees?

Trimming your trees is essential to ensuring their long-term growth and overall health—and, in many cases, your trees will chip in and help with the heavy lifting. Why? Because most healthy trees can usually shed weak branches on their own. From there, though, you’ll need to keep tabs on what still needs quick trim—or contact the pros to ensure your trees are properly trimmed and maintained.

When Does Your Tree Need a Trim?

Every tree is different—and every tree needs its own trimming schedule.

Location, species, and even weather changes play a role in the frequency of trimming, so it’s important to take note of these factors. In most cases pruning a tree every three to five years is ideal. For others, it’s every two years. That said, this big window doesn’t even apply to all trees—some need more TLC, and others need less.

Our advice: tap an arborist work with you to create a tree care plan. This can help ensure your trees are getting the best care they need—and ensure you’ll never have to think twice about tree trimming.

The Time of the Year Matters

Can’t remember the last time you trimmed your trees? Then it’s likely time. First, though, consider the right time of the year to start trimming. In most cases, it’s best to prune trees during the dormant season—when the leaves have fallen off but new growth hasn’t started.

Need to trim some trees?

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Tree Types Play a Role


Most evergreen trees don’t like to be pruned often. Sometimes, you may not have to prune or trim it back at all. Evergreens do a good job of getting rid of damaged or dead branches on their own. Unless you notice a problem, don’t plan to trim them too often.

Oak Trees

Oaks are a very unique species in that they benefit from a strict trimming schedule. When they are young, trim them every two to three years. As they get older and more mature, they’ll need trimming every three to five years.

Because of oak wilt—a type of disease that’s very deadly to these trees—when you prune oak trees matters. It’s best to never trim an oak tree during the summer months—from April through June. That’s when this disease is most likely present. Instead, prune from October through March.

Fruit Trees

Most fruit trees need more routine attention. It’s a good idea to prune them every year. When you do trim them – and it is never all that much at once – it will help encourage new growth in the following months. Trim them during the dormant months, too.

Your goal should always be to work with an experienced arborist when trimming trees. Doing so gives your trees the ability to thrive under the most healthy conditions.

Give Mister Tree a call now to learn more about our services and to tap a professional arborist to handle your tree trimming needs.

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