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Without a doubt, trees add beauty to your landscape, give a sense of calmness, and also have climate benefits. As good as trees are, there are times that we have to remove them.

Dead trees, decaying trees, trees with invasive root systems, and compromised stability pose a great risk to your home. So you need to take them out. And sometimes it is as a result of the tree leaning in the wrong place.

Whatever, the reasons are you need a tree removal service. In this article, you’d be getting an insight into the cost of removing a tree, factors that influence the cost, and everything you need to know as regards the removal of a tree.

Tree Removal, How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s take a look at the tree removal factors now.

Tree Service Company

You may find services willing to do the job on the cheap, but always make sure you’re an expert arborist, that can guarantee of best service. At Mister Tree Service you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, we are the best you can get in Memphis. Below are the factors that influence the cost:


Your tree’s height is a major determinant of how much you’ll be charged. It costs more to remove a large tree because it requires heavy-duty equipment. It involves more risk and also there’s more material to dispose of.


The condition of your tree will also affect removal costs. A strong and healthy tree will put up more resistance, therefore, requiring more effort and longer time. On the contrary, it is easier to cut off a dead or decaying tree.


The location of your tree influences the cost too. How accessible is it? If the tree is near a structure, it will take more effort and care to remove without damaging any property. Also if it’s hard to access the location of the tree, it will add up to the expenses


Trees with broad trunks usually have thick, dense wood. The effect is that it will take longer to cut and require more effort. So in simple terms, the diameter of your tree can also influence the overall cost of removal.

Additional Tree Services

Aside from the falling of trees, there are some extra services you might need. A very good example of this is stump removal. While some may be comfortable with the look of the stump in their landscaping, it isn’t the same for everybody. Unfortunately, the charges for tree removal don’t always cover stump removal. Removal of stumps will usually come with extra charges.

Curtis Fay and his team showed up at our house today with all of the heavy equipment necessary to surgically remove a large tree leaning toward our house. I couldn’t stay the whole time and when I got home I surveyed the yard and you wouldn’t even know they were there. Except, of course, the tree vanished. Fast. Excellent clean-up. Great value.

Eric Fuhrman, Memphis, TN

Should I Cut The Tree Myself?

Maybe you’ve got the body of a lumberjack and you feel you’ve got all it takes to do the cutting down of a tree yourself, then no problem. However, it is almost always best for you to leave that for professionals. Cutting down a tree requires more than brute strength. Not discarding the fact that it can be a DIY project but there are techniques to it. Professionals know the best equipment for falling a tree and the best way to get rid of it. They have received some training – professionals for a reason.

Things to consider before removing your tree yourself.

  • Height and Location of the tree: It is not recommended that you cut a tree that is more than 30 feet or within 10 feet of power lines. Embarking on such a project might leave you with injuries, fines, or sometimes lawsuits. 
  • Safety: Get all the necessary safety equipment. Sturdy work boots, goggles, gloves, hearing protection, hard hat, etc. are all necessary. 

Do not get delusional to think it’s a small tree. Removing even a small, slender fruit tree comes with risk.

  • Legal Aspect: Sometimes, you need to get a permit before you can fall a tree. Make sure you do the necessary documentation. If things go awry, and in the process, property gets damaged or you get hurt, you will be responsible for it.
  • Consult an Arborist: getting the health information of a tree is very important. The tree might be rotten or decayed, and this might make things more complicated.

Need Mister Tree Service For Tree Removal?

It is not advisable, to embark on falling your trees yourself. Your best bet is to contact an Arborist. Professional Arborist such as Mister Tree Service renew their licenses regularly, so they receive ongoing training in best practices. Contact us today for any of your tree removal needs and you’ll be glad you did.