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Tree Service Near Me

With more than 30 years of combined experience, we’re proud to say we’re up to the task of tree removal, trimming and maintenance, no matter how big or small. Get in touch today to learn more about our tree services and to schedule a free consultation.

Tree Services Near Me?

Trees are an asset for any residential or commercial property, and with a little bit of trimming, pruning and maintenance can add shade and beauty to your lot for decades. The only problem is, it can be a lot of work! Instead of taking on this enormous responsibility by yourself, trust the professional ISO-certified arborists here at Mister Tree.

Tree Service In Memphis

If you love the shade, habitat and visual appeal that the trees on your property offer but hate the cleanup, you’ve come to the right place. Mister Tree offers a wide array of tree services in Memphis, including tree trimming, pruning, tree removal, stump grinding and tree inspection.

Tree Service In Germantown

Did you know that trimming is essential for the longevity of your trees? Don’t wait until branches break in a storm or threaten the integrity of your property; call the ISO-certified arborists at Mister Tree to schedule routine maintenance your trees. In addition to trimming and inspections, our trusted team offers tree removal, lot clearing and emergency tree service.

Tree Service In Collierville

Collierville is home to some of the most beautiful trees and foliage in this part of Tennessee! At Mister Tree, we have a passion for trees and take the greatest pleasure in helping our neighbors keeping their trees and homes looking great. Get in touch today to schedule a free estimate for tree trimming, tree removal and yard debris removal.

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Tree Service In Millington

Trees are more than an aesthetic part of your property; they offer shade, help reduce your energy bill and provide a habitat for animals. If your trees are due to be trimmed, or you’re worried about branches near your home, give Mister Tree a call. We’re Millington’s go-to tree service for tree pruning, tree removal and tree inspections.

Tree Service In Lakeland

The trees on your property are a stunning visual element. If you aren’t happy with the way they showcase your home or business, get in touch with our ISO-certified arborists at Mister Tree to schedule a free estimate. We offer aesthetic tree trimming, stump grinding and tree pruning to maximize the longevity of your plants.

Tree Service In Arlington

Believe it or not, keeping your trees strong and healthy year-round is easy with a little TLC from Mister Tree. Our ISO-certified arborists specialize in tree inspections and look forward to assessing your trees, their fertilizer needs and offering services such as tree trimming and removal.

Tree Service In Bartlett

Ignore the temptation to trim your trees yourself and give Mister Tree a call if you live in the Bartlett area! We have the equipment, expertise and knowledge necessary to inspect your trees, identify and treat disease and offer services such as tree pruning, lot clearing and storm damage work.

Tree Service In Cordova

You work hard and, on the weekend, you deserve to sit back and relax. The good news is, you can when you choose Mister Tree to handle all your tree trimming, tree maintenance and tree pruning needs. We’re locally owned and operated, and looking forward to creating a more resilient community one home at a time.

Tree Service In Southaven

Whether you need tree trimming in Southaven or lot clearing at a new construction site, Mister Tree has the equipment, ISO-certified arborists and commitment to excellence needed to get the job done right the first time. For your convenience, we also offer tree and yard debris removal, emergency tree service and stump grinding.

Tree Service In Olive Branch

Seasonal trimming is essential for the health of your trees but completing this necessary task can be dangerous for homeowners and their trees alike. Instead, leave the process to Mister Tree. We have the equipment and arborists needed to safely trim and prune any tree and know exactly where to cut to help your tree grow during the warm months.