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Tree Health Care
Mister Tree provides a comprehensive level of service to handle all aspects of tree care, for residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for a team that’s proven, with years of experience, and a dedicated level of workmanship, turn to Mister Tree.

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Trust us for your tree planting. We’re here to help you decide what types of trees are perfect for your space. Get in touch for a free consultation. Ready to get your trees the help they need? If you are looking for an arborist near me, Mister Tree is readily available. Call us now for a complete estimate for your one-time or ongoing tree needs. Call 901-300-3938.

Why Hire an Arborist?

At Mister Tree, our arborists are licensed professionals tasked with helping you keep your trees healthy and your landscape thriving. Hiring an arborist allows you to receive comprehensive, precise, and specialized services to meet each of your needs. Because tree work is dangerous and must be done with a skilled eye for safety and the tree’s health, we recommend turning to an arborist for any type of task you need. Here are the benefits of using an arborist.

Enhance Tree Health with Consistent Pruning

Proper pruning performed by an arborist ensures the health and longevity of your tree. Your arborist will:

  • Ensure the tree is healthy and identify and manage any disease or insect infestations properly.
  • Remove dead or damaged tree branches that could put your family’s safety at risk.
  • Prune the tree to encourage proper growth and shape.
  • Prune properly to minimize the risk of damage to utilities, structures, and other trees
  • Remove branches that limit light penetration into the area and reduce wind resistance

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Ensure Tree Removal is Completed Properly

An arborist’s job is to encourage the growth of a tree when healthy, but there are times when tree removal is vital. When done properly, this ensures the rest of your landscape remains healthy. Once onsite, our arborists will get to work—and that includes:

  • Removing all dead or dying trees, including those that could spread disease to other trees
  • Eliminating trees that could create a risk to people, animals, and structures
  • Replace trees with those more desirable or better for the local environment
  • Significantly prune or remove trees that obstruct your view or make the area hard to access
  • Thinning out numerous trees to encourage others to grow properly
And when an emergency strikes? Get in touch. When storms or other conditions cause tree damage or destruction, you need a pro. Contact our team for emergency support. Don’t try to move a tree that’s falling as it can create a chain reaction that puts you in danger. An arborist can successfully down a tree without causing damage to other structures.

I’ve had two trees removed with Mr. Tree ... service is outstanding.... professionalism at its finest!
Reva G., Memphis
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Advising and Planting New Trees

Your arborist is your go-to professional for advice on adding trees to your property. A number of factors need to be considered, including placement, size, and your property line. It’s also important to consider planting trees in the right environment to ensure they have enough room

to grow and have the necessary nutrients to thrive. Caring for young trees, including through insect and disease control, is also something an arborist can offer.

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Additional Arborist Services

  • Testing, modifying, and aerating soil to encourage tree growth and disease management
  • Preventative maintenance steps to encourage natural tree growth
  • Tree care treatment of diseases present, including taking steps to minimize the risk of disease occurring
  • Installing lighting protection solutions to reduce the risk that lightning will down a tree dangerous
  • Bracing and cabling trees to support their proper growth and development.

Whether you have young trees or old growth, proper maintenance and upkeep of your trees ensure they add value and beauty to your home without posing a risk to it. When you use an experienced arborist, you can ensure the tree grows properly, maintains a proper form, and is safe even if a large windstorm comes through the area.

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Arborist Near Me in Memphis

Successful, ongoing tree maintenance is rooted in expert trimming and pruning. By focusing on trimming and pruning, it’s easy to maintain the health and appearance of your trees, ensuring strong growth and a lifetime of natural beauty that enhances curb appeal now and in the future.

While it’s important to keep up with tree maintenance, don’t go it alone. Even basic tree trimming is more than a weekend task -- it’s an art and a science that requires the utmost care and expertise. That’s where we come in.

Our expert team of certified arborists are trained in tree health, safety and maintenance, and know how to skillfully remove limbs, branches and any existing flaws. The end results are better trees with longer lifespans and an enhanced appearance -- a benefit for any home or business owner.

Arborist Near Me in Germantown

Our Germantown arborist is your go-to specialist for any type of tree care. Whether it’s a post-storm emergency, a diseased tree or something in between, give our arborists on call a quick call. We can be there to help ensure your property is safe and your trees are cared for quickly and professionally. Mister Tree provides full tree care, including helping you to raise and care for your trees for years to come.

Arborist Near Me in Collierville

In Collierville, Mister Tree is your go-to provider for professional tree care. Our arborists to come to you to provide complete service. We can remove a fallen branch or the entire tree. Our tree doctors on call are just minutes away. We provide complete tree care, including tree pruning. If you have a tree that is diseased or may have an infestation, allow our arborist to come to you for care. You can depend on us for full tree planting services and tree consulting in Collierville. We are happy to answer all of your questions and guide you in helping you to get your trees to their healthiest place possible.

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