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Our ISA-certified arborists have more than three decades of combined tree servicing experience and have long been the go-tos for the greater Germantown area. Experts in tree removal, trimming, routine maintenance and clearing, the Mister Tree team will ensure your trees—and your property—are safe, healthy and prepared for the elements. Get in touch to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.

Tree Trimming in Germantown

By trimming and pruning your trees, they’ll grow stronger and healthier over time. Not only will this improve the quality of your trees, but it will enhance your curb appeal, add shade and safeguard your property and your family from falling branches and limbs.

While some tree trimming may be a great weekend DIY project, keep in mind that most larger trees should be assessed and trimmed by a professional. A good rule of thumb? If trimming or pruning your tree requires a ladder, climbing or, simply, taking one foot off of the ground, don’t go it alone. Contact our expert arborists to schedule a comprehensive assessment and tree trimming services. Proper tree trimming is not only safer and more effective, but an ongoing maintenance schedule will help you...

  • Maintain the health and safety of your trees
  • Keep dangerous limbs and branches away
  • Prune and repair existing flaws and damage
  • Increase the lifespan and appearance of your trees
  • Eliminate tree pests and diseases
  • Boost curb appeal, safety and property value

Tree Removal in Germantown

Dead or unhealthy trees can fall at any time—and that poses a major risk to you, your family, your neighbors and your property. If you suspect a tree isn’t as strong or solid as it should be, contact us now. Our expert arborists will assess your trees and evaluate their health, vitality and positioning and, from there, determine if they need to be removed or if some simple trimming and pruning will do the trick.

Don’t wait until the next surprise storm or severe weather to find out your trees couldn’t stand up to the Mid-South elements. Schedule a comprehensive assessment and as-needed removal now. And if your trees do need to be removed? We’ll take care of it quickly, protecting your property and nearby trees and plantings, then handle all debris removal, stump grinding, as needed, to ensure your outdoor space is in pristine condition.

Have a tree that needs some serious help? Get in touch for a free professional assessment. Our certified arborists will review your tree and your property, determining the best next step to keep you and your property safe now and in the future.

  • Remove damaged or fallen tree removal
  • Preserve the aesthetic of your landscaping
  • Prevent encroaching trees
  • Maintain structural preservation and support

Stump Grinding in Germantown

Have a tree fall or removed? If you’ve got an ugly stump left behind, contact us now. Our expert team provides comprehensive grinding services, eliminating the visible signs of former trees. Not only will this enhance the look of your outdoor space, but you’ll eliminate the added danger that comes with these stumps—not only are they trip-and-fall hazards, but they can often attract insects and other unwanted pests.

Get in touch to schedule your assessment and stumping grinding now. We’ll grind the stump until it’s well below the visible surface, then lay sod and ensure the area matches the rest of your property.

Curtis Fay and his team showed up at our house today with all of the heavy equipment necessary to surgically remove a large tree leaning toward our house. I couldn't stay the whole time and when I got home I surveyed the yard and you wouldn't even know they were there. Except, of course, the tree vanished. Fast. Excellent clean-up. Great value.
Eric Fuhrman, Memphis, TN
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Emergency Tree Service in Germantown

When a tree or limb falls, you can’t wait—you need assistance now.

At Mister Tree, we’re available 24/7, with emergency tree services designed to keep you, your family and your property safe. We know sudden, severe weather is common in the Mid-South, and we’re prepared for it all, from lightning strikes to heavy winds to rain, snow and the damage they can cause.

Contact us anytime day or night and we’ll dispatch our emergency team to assess the damage and begin working to secure your property and your trees. It’s a simple way to get the peace of mind you need—get in touch to learn more or if you need emergency tree services.

Are your trees ready for ANYTHING? Get in touch for a top-down safety assessment. Our certified arborists will assess the current health and long-term viability of your trees and determine next steps to keep your trees and your property safe and secure all year long.