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Mister Tree has been providing comprehensive tree services to the greater Collierville area. From targeted planting and removal to trimming, clearing and routine maintenance, our expert team and skilled arborists have helped your friends and neighbors grow and maintain strong, healthy trees—trees that boost curb appeal, provide much-needed shade and enhance the natural beauty of any property.

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Tree Trimming in Collierville

Trees need a trim? Don’t go it alone. If trimming or pruning your trees requires you to lift more than one foot off of the ground, call the pros.

Our professional team of Collierville area arborists can quickly assess your trees and determine both their health and next steps for both trimming and ongoing maintenance. Together, this will ensure your trees can stand the test of time—and the test of Collierville weather.

Expert tree trimming services…

  • Maintain the health and safety of your trees
  • Skillfully and simply remove dangerous limbs and branches
  • Prune and repair existing flaws and damage
  • Increase the lifespan and appearance of your trees
  • Eliminate tree pests and diseases
  • Boost curb appeal, safety and property value

Don’t wait for limbs and branches to fall during that next big storm—and don’t risk your safety attempting to trim your trees solo. Contact us to schedule your free tree trimming consultation now.

Tree Removal in Collierville

Storms, heavy winds and other unpredictable weather can take down even healthy trees. If you have trees that seem less than steady or that you know are damaged or unhealthy, get in touch. By assessing and eliminating these limbs, branches and trees now, you’ll save your home, your property and even your family from unnecessary risk and added costs down the road.

During your free consultation, our professional arborists will assess the health and positioning of your trees, determining what—if anything—should be removed or trimmed. Once approved, we’ll work fast to eliminate any dangerous trees and limbs, safeguarding your property including neighboring trees and shurbs. We’ll also be onsite to handle stump grinding and sodding plus additional debris removal, leaving you with a beautiful and safe outdoor space.

Have a tree that needs to be removed? Get in touch for a no-obligation assessment. Our certified arborists will review your trees and your property and, from there, determine your options, from removal to simple trimming and pruning. This comprehensive process includes:

  • Damaged or fallen tree removal
  • Cleanup, debris removal and other landscaping needs
  • Preventing encroaching trees
  • Structural preservation and support
Curtis Fay and his team showed up at our house today with all of the heavy equipment necessary to surgically remove a large tree leaning toward our house. I couldn't stay the whole time and when I got home I surveyed the yard and you wouldn't even know they were there. Except, of course, the tree vanished. Fast. Excellent clean-up. Great value.
Eric Fuhrman, Memphis, TN
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Stump Grinding in Collierville

Whether it’s been on your property since day one or if it’s a remnant of a recent tree removal, no one wants a stump left behind. Not only are they a less-than-ideal addition to your outdoor aesthetic, but they can be dangerous or, even, attract bugs and other pests.

Don’t leave unsightly stumps on your property. Contact Mister Tree now to schedule a complete assessment and quick, expert stump removal. Our team will grind the stump down below the visible surface, laying sod and ensuring the entire area matches seamlessly with your outdoor space.

Emergency Tree Service in Collierville

Things happen—and when they do, our expert team will be standing by to help you remove fallen trees and limbs from your home or property.

If your home, office or property have been hit by a severe storm or wind and you’re dealing with tree removal, clean up or other emergency services, get in touch 24/7. We’ll ensure your trees and your property are safe and secure from immediate or future damage. And when we’re done, we’ll help you establish an ongoing trimming, pruning and maintenance plan to help keep your trees and your property safe in the future.

Be ready for severe storms. Get in touch for a complete safety assessment. Our team will review the health, viability and positioning of your trees and determine any trimming, pruning or removal that needs to happen. We’ll also help you get on a targeted maintenance schedule that’s right for your property, your trees and your budget.