Tree Service In Memphis, TN

Professional tree servicing is critical to the long-term health, safety and aesthetics of your property. Mister Tree has been servicing the greater Memphis area for decades, providing the customized removal, trimming, clearing and maintenance needed, plus comprehensive emergency services when the unexpected strikes. Get in touch to learn more and to schedule a free consultation now.

Tree Removal

When it’s time to remove a dangerous, damaged or unhealthy tree, there’s no time to wait. During a storm or other inclement weather, these trees can become hazardous fast, threatening you, your family and your property. Don’t risk it and don’t go it alone. When you need tree removal, contact the experts at Mister Tree.

Our pro arborists are available around the clock to tackle even the largest and most complex tree removals. By assessing your property and the health and position of trees, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to remove potentially-damaging trees, branches and limbs fast, securing your property and preventing other trees, shrubs and plants from future damage. And when we’re done, we’ll handle all debris removal, stump grinding and sodding, preserving your outdoor space and eliminating all signs of damage.

Not sure if your tree needs to be removed? Get in touch for a free, no-obligation assessment. Our certified arborists will review your tree and determine if it needs to be removed or if there’s a trimming, pruning or treatment option available.

  • Damaged or fallen tree removal
  • Aesthetic of landscaping needs
  • Prevent encroaching trees
  • Structural preservation and support

Tree Trimming

The first step to maintaining the health, well-being and beauty of your outdoor space? Ongoing tree maintenance, including expert trimming and pruning. By committing to a consistent schedule, your trees will be better positioned to grow stronger and healthier over time, enhancing curb appeal, adding shade and safeguarding you and your property from falling branches and limbs.

While many homeowners attempt to tackle tree trimming themselves, more often than not this isn’t†a DIY project. If trimming or pruning your trees requires you to climb or lift more than one foot off of the ground, you need a pro— get in touch and schedule your consultation today. Our expert team of Memphis-based arborists can quickly and easily assess  the health of your trees and provide a comprehensive maintenance plan.

  • Maintain the health and safety of your trees
  • Skillfully and simply remove dangerous limbs and branches
  • Prune and repair existing flaws and damage
  • Increase the lifespan and appearance of your trees
  • Eliminate tree pests and diseases
  • Boost curb appeal, safety and property value

Stump Grinding

No one wants an ugly, dangerous stump left behind. With complete grinding services, our pro team can eliminate visible signs of existing stumps or stumps left behind after tree removal. Based on your wants, needs and property, we’ll develop a plan to grind the stump down well below the surface, laying sod and ensuring it matches the rest of your outdoor space.

Emergency Tree Service

Sudden storms and severe weather are common in the Mid-South. Between the heavy winds, rain and lightning strikes, many home and business owners find themselves dealing with post-storm damage, including fallen limbs, branches and, even, trees.

If your property has been damaged or threatened by fallen trees, contact us now . Our arborists and technicians are available 24/7 for emergency services and to ensure your property is safe and secure from future damage. Even with consistent expert pruning and trimming, severe weather can strike at any time—and when it does Mister Tree can help. Prepare for the storm. Get in touch for a comprehensive safety assessment. Our expert team will review the health and viability of your trees and determine what, if anything, you need to do to safeguard yourself and your property when inclement weather strikes.

Mister Tree is phenomenal! I work as a property claims adjuster for an insurance company here locally and have found it challenging to find a professional tree service that doesn’t price gouge. Robin with Mister Tree is very professional, he’s a great communicator, hos team promptly responds to our insureds needs and their price for service is always very reasonable. Thanks!
Kyle Q.

The Benefits of Professional Tree Service

Our team of certified arborists are experts in their field, with proven track records of reliability, performance and customer satisfaction. Working with us, we guarantee…

  • Healthier, stronger, longer-lasting trees
  • Enhanced safety, with fewer dangerous limbs and branches
  • Access to increased sunlight which benefits undergrowth
  • Reduced risk of tree pests and diseases
  • Added strength for your trees during thunderstorms and weather events

Is it Time to Hire a Certified Arborist?

If your trees are near power lines, have dead or dying limbs or are close to your house, call Mister Tree to schedule a free consultation and professional tree trimming. We also offer aesthetic trimming to maximize your property’s appearance and boost curb appeal. Get in touch today to learn more.