Tree Inspection Consulting

Providing expert arbortist services to Memphis, TN and the surrounding area.

Certified Arborist And Tree Inspections

An arborist is qualified to perform a range of services relating to the growth and development of trees. Mister Tree offers tree inventory and consultation services in the greater Memphis area for residential and commercial clients.


Our Arborists Can Diagnose & Treat Common Problems

Mister Tree’s certified arborists offer a variety of special services to our clients. Certified arborists are professionals who are educated, trained, and widely recognized for their knowledge in areas regarding:

  • Recognition of construction damage and tree hazards
  • Tree disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Fertilization techniques and nutrition requirements for trees
  • The biology of trees

Why would you want a certified arborist? 

Always on time Always on budget

With a wide range of services, Mister Tree specializes in what you need from daily maintenance to the unexpected

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