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Tree Removal Services

It is Mister Tree’s passion to save and protect as many trees as possible. However, there are times when tree removal is the safest option to avoid potential risks. Mister Tree is skilled and equipped to handle even the most difficult tree removals safely and efficiently.
Circumstances in which tree removal service might be necessary:
  • Root/basal/trunk rot or damage
  • Dangerous or problematic location (i.e. power line proximity, plumbing obstruction)
  • Tree is in decline with dieback
  • Tree is hollow
  • Cracked foundations
  • Storm damage
Removal process includes:
  • Our certified arborists assess the best strategy for removing the tree, taking into consideration location and condition
  • Our crews prepare the area by taking necessary safety precautions, setting ropes and safety lines
  • Our crews safely and efficiently remove the tree, clean, and remove all debris

Serving Memphis and Surrounding Areas

If you have a tree on your hands that might be on its way to removal, the decision can be a tricky one. Whatever course you choose, though, you can call Mister Tree for prompt and professional service in your yard. In addition to tree removal, we provide tree trimming that can greatly improve visibility problems and other issues caused by overgrown branches. We can be reached at 901-300-3938 to schedule an estimate.