Mother Nature can be quite temperamental in her weather extremes and Tennessee is often a prime target for her fury. The mixture of warm, slow-moving air combines with the high-pressure system coming up from the Gulf of Mexico to create dangerous down drafts and tornado-like winds. As a result, Mister Tree is usually the first to be found on roadways performing storm/wind damage work.
Why do trees take such a beating in the storms? The answer is a combination of factors:
  • The soil – The condition of the soil as a base for the tree and the root system plays a huge part in the stability of the tree. If the soil is shallow, dry, or unstable then the tree suffers.
  • The condition of the tree – If the tree is not healthy, it very likely won’t need much help to fall.
  • The company of the tree – Trees nestled together in a copse stand a much better chance of withstanding the winds since the roots interlock and support one another. Stand-alone trees often are the ones to fall.
When it comes to tree removal or downed power lines, you need storm recovery experts to get your back up and running. Call Mister Tree today and let us assess the tree health on your property!
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