Keeping your trees safe during the colder months is an important part of maintaining their overall health and strength. Cold weather can damage trees internally and cause external discoloration. Sometimes even the roots can be damaged by frost. Here are several ways to protect your trees during winter.

Make Preparations

Trees that are healthy and strong through the warmer months have a better chance of surviving harsh winter weather. Make sure to water, prune and fertilize trees properly, and complete pruning by midsummer. Apply the final fertilizer treatment six weeks before the first frost to allow the tree time to harden off properly.
Maintain Evergreen Trees
Evergreens don’t go fully dormant in the winter so it’s essential to make sure they have adequate water whenever the ground isn’t frozen. If your area is subjected to dry winter winds, protect your trees with a windbreak or use specially designed material for wrapping shrubs. Remove extra snow from branches when possible to prevent breakage.

Protect Deciduous Trees

Mature deciduous trees enter a dormant state automatically before the cold weather but younger trees often require additional care. Water properly and apply a few inches of insulating material such as mulch around the base to protect the roots.
The right preparations can help ensure your evergreen and deciduous trees survive the harsh winter weather and emerge in spring healthy and ready to grow. To learn more about protecting trees during the winter, contact Mister Tree at 901-300-3938.
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